Perrin/Slesnick Musicals for Members

In the halls of an insane asylum, aging composer Salieri reflects on events from three decades prior, when the young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart rose to prominence in the court of Emperor Joseph II of Austria. Winner of 8 Academy Awards®, including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director. MEMBERS-ONLY SCREENING!

Tickets to this series are FREE for members of the Gables Cinema. Click here to join! The Perrin/Slesnick Musicals for Members series is made possible by a generous donation from the Harry & Mary Perrin Fund and the Slesnick Family Fund of the Coral Gables Community Foundation. It is hosted by Don Slesnick.

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Film Info
Distributor: The Saul Zaentz Company
Country: France, USA
Release Year: 1984
Runtime: 160
Director: Miloš Forman
Rating: R
Language: Latin

Show Times

tue. jul, 16


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