The Coral Gables Art Cinema is committed to making its programs accessible to everyone.

Accessible seats have a decal with the ADA logo on them. These seats are intended for accessible users (in wheelchair, scooters, walkers, etc.) The seat beside an ADA seat can be used by the disabled user or their Patient Care Assistant, depending on whether the user wants to transfer from their wheelchair to a theater seat.

If no accessible users are present or require the use of an accessible seat, the Cinema will release the seats to non-accessible users at the scheduled start time of the film. This is when the trailers have started.

If the customer does not need the specific features of the accessible seat, the Cinema may require the ticket holder to move to a different, non-accessible seating location, only if this is prior to the scheduled start time of a film.

Whether or not you need extra assistance, it’s always best to arrive early (30 minutes before showtime), as that is when doors open to the public.


Accessible parking is available on every floor of parking garage #2 located next door to the cinema. The accessible parking spots are those closest to the elevators. Parking is free for ADA decal owners.

Building Access

The main theater entrance and exit are accessible and located on Aragon Avenue. We do not have automatic doors anywhere in the theater. The main auditorium entrance is accessible, being located at ground level. The rear auditorium entrance or exit is accessible via wheelchair lift.

Patient Care Assistants

Patient Care Assistants (PCA) accompanying disabled persons receive free admission to the screening.

Wheelchair Lift

The wheelchair lift is located next to the main theater entrance. Please ask staff for assistance to utilize the wheelchair lift. The lift leads to the last row in the auditorium.

Wheelchair Seating

Row A – two spaces in center | Row C – one space close to main entrance | Antepenultimate Row – one space close to rear entrance/exit | Last Row – 2 spaces

Hearing Assist Devices

Assistive listening headphones are available for all films. The devices are available at the concession stand free of charge. Your driver’s license/I.D. will be held as security.

Closed Caption Devices

Closed caption devices with a small easy-to-read LED screen that fits in a seat’s cup holder are available for certain films. Please note that not all films support closed captioning. Those that do include the closed caption icon on their webpage. Your driver’s license/I.D. will be held as security.

Open Captions

The Gables Cinema periodically screens certain films with open captions. An open captioned notice will be conspicuously displayed on films’ landing pages. Please consult film pages or contact us to find out if a specific film will feature open captions.


The elevator next to the auditorium door provides access to the restrooms, business offices, and cinema gallery.


Restrooms are located on the second floor of the cinema and are only accessible via the elevator next to the auditorium door. The women’s and men’s restrooms each contain one accessible stall.

Service Animals (Guide, hearing, and other assistance)

Service animals are welcome at the Coral Gables Art Cinema. They must be always leashed.

We love pets, but only service animals are allowed.

Emotional support animals are not service animals per the ADA. Dogs, miniature horses, or other animals that provide only emotional support, comfort, or companionship are not considered service animals.