Board and Staff

The Board of Directors of the Coral Gables Art Cinema consists of noted industry figures and community leaders.

Steven Krams, Founder & President

Marlin Ebbert, Chair

Steven Eisenberg, Vice Chair and Interim Treasurer

Gustavo Lopez, Secretary

Midge Blumberg-Krams

David Duckenfield

Mitchell Kaplan

Flavio Landivar

Michael Levitz

Augusto Lopez

Paul Lowenthal

Miroslav Mladenovic

Aura Reinhardt

Don Slesnick

Alexander Svezia

Executive Advisory Committee

Irela Bague, Marshall Pasternack, Paul Posnak, and Gustavo Pupo-Mayo

Meet the Team

Steven Krams

President and Founder

Steven Krams has been involved in motion pictures since childhood when he started collecting 16 and 35mm films over 50 years ago. He attended the University of Miami School of Radio Television and Film and first worked as a TV broadcast engineer in South Florida. He owns both Magna-Tech Electronic, a supplier and installer of cinema projection and sound systems in theaters worldwide, and Continental Film & Digital Labs, South Florida’s premiere professional film and digital services center. The non-profit Coral Gables Cinematheque was founded by Mr. Krams in 2006 to develop and run the Coral Gables Art Cinema, which opened in October 2010, and Mr. Krams continues to serve as its president.

Brenda Moe

Executive Director and Programming Director

Hailing from rural Washington State, Brenda cut her teeth in non-profit work and film production in New York City. Her love of film was cultivated while working with some of the industry’s finest as Associate Director of SCENARIOS USA. Upon moving to Miami she served as VP of Operations at and Head of Acquisition/Distribution at Magna-Tech Entertainment. She served as the Cinema's Administrative Director from January 2017 to October 2018. Brenda became a new mom in late 2017 and her son has been raised in the Cinema. She hopes he'll be taking tickets by 2019. If you see her or him please be sure to say hello.
Favorite Film: Being There

Michelle A. Humphreys

Communications and Engagement Director

Michelle began her work in non-profit organizations as a wild animal keeper in New York City. She earned a Master’s degree in General Psychology with a focus on Animal Behavior and Conservation from Hunter College. She has worked for Toronto International Film Festival, Miami Film Festival, and in various roles at the Gables Cinema, starting with the organization just a few months after it opened its doors. She returned to the Cinema in late 2018 after living in Canada.
Favorite Films: Elevator to the Gallows, Rosemary's Baby, Psycho

Gina Cuomo

Interim Operations Director

Originally from Queens, Gina began her love of cinema as a little girl. She started working in multiplexes as a teenager in Denver, CO before moving her way to the non-profit world. In 2006, she began working at the Denver Film Society and spent the next 16 years there as the Director of Operations. Gina started Cinema Operations Consulting in 2022 and began advising for Coral Gables Art Cinema and ran operations for Vidiots Foundation in LA, where she helped open their year round cinema and video store. Gina also served as the operations track head for Art House Convergence and resided on the Transitional Working Group for the organization. Gina is also a frequent juror for the Oak Cliff Film Festival and the Hell's Half Mile Film and Music Festival. Aside from her love of the cinematic experience, Gina is an avid baseball fan and a loyalist to the hit television phenomenon LOST.
Favorite Films: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Sister Act (I &II)

Nelson Junco

Theater Specialist

Nelson is from Havana, Cuba where he studied accounting. In Miami, he took an English course at Miami Dade College. Nelson has previously worked at International Cinema Equipment and worked as a Theater Manager-Projectionist at the Tower Theater.
Favorite Film: The Artist

Rick Wiltz De Bara

General Manager

Born and raised in Miami, Rick has been a customer service provider since 2008 with experience in programming events and working in the non-profit sector. Starting his career path as a volunteer at Zoo Miami, over the years he's managed multiple venues across Miami-Dade and helped coordinate film festivals and special events. While a lover of films, he became more interested in the history of cinemas and how they operate, he can give you a rundown of the most historical or lost cinemas across Miami-Dade and fascinating history tidbits of each. Aside from his love of historical landmarks and cinemas, Rick is a huge animal lover and he’ll gladly show off pictures of his Siberian husky, Zeus.

Nicolas Casanova

Film Programmer

Nicolas is a Colombian filmmaker, he has worked in various roles in productions in Colombia and the United States, including director, producer, script consultant, programmer. Additionally, Nicolás is a member of the Colombian Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences (ACACC), DASC - Audiovisual Directors Colombian Society, and REDES.

Kevin de los Cuetos

Assistant Manager

Kevin is a Cuban-American filmmaker, born and raised in Miami with interests in film, movies, and even motion pictures. He's loved cinema ever since his father showed him Robocop when he was 10 years old. He has a Bachelor's in English - Creative Writing as well as a certificate in film studies, both from Florida International University. He is trained in 35mm and 16mm projection and has projected several films for the cinema. Kevin wants to eventually make major motion pictures. In his spare time, he writes short stories and screenplays, makes short films, and tinkers with old projectors and film cameras.
Favorite Films: New York New York, Barry Lyndon, Wild at Heart, Fail Safe, Lawrence of Arabia, and the Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

Felix Audouze

Assistant Manager

Felix is a Franco-American student at Florida International University and proud employee of the cinema. He is currently in the process of acquiring his Bachelor's in Digital Media Communications to one day join the film-making world. This interest in movies truly transformed itself into passion after a year abroad in his home city Paris where he would spend any given time at the countless old-fashioned local cinemas that filled the streets. Upon his return to Miami, his consequent attraction to the Gables Art Cinema was only natural. When not studying or selling popcorn, Felix enjoys spending his time either watching movies or attempting to make them with his friends.
Favorite Films: New York, New York; Amelie; Scarface; Cabaret